Advantages and Disadvantages Concomitant with the Service of Ride-sharing Companies

You may be joining the bandwagon of people who are availing of the services of rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. Likewise, you may be thrilled and fascinated to see the advantages concomitant with the use of their services; and maybe out of careful consideration or out of impulse, you may have already joinedthe pool of commuters who frequently use the apps of these companies to find the ideal drivers and cars at hand.

Advantages of Using Ride-sharing Services
The advantages associated with the use of these services are many for the commuters: first, in case you can’t find a cab, you can easily make use of the app of Uber or Lyft to get a ride. On the social level, the success of ride-sharing companies can readily reduce the amount of cars and vehicles plying the busy streets of most cities around the world. Moreover, commuters are given commuting alternatives through these ride-sharing services, and more often, they pay less for the services of these ride-sharing companies. Additionally, you can readily avail of Uber and Lyft Promo Codes if you are a first time user and if you were able to refer somebody to use the service. You can also enroll yourself as one of the drivers of any of these rideshare companies, and eventually you can gain additional income for yourself.

However, just like in any novel idea that is conceived by creative minds, the concept of ride-sharing has its own drawbacks which are worth looking at. If you plan, for example, to get hired as one of the legitimate drivers of these ride-sharing companies, you need to comply with the stringent hiring procedures that may readily discourage you from pursuing your application. First, you got to own a vehicle which you can register under your name. It must be a newer model of a car, and should comply with the standard of the ride-sharing companies. Often, these companies conduct in-person inspection of your car to ensure that your car is in topnotch condition. Moreover, your car should have up-to-date coverage of personal insurance. Your record likewise should be devoid of criminal record to make sure that you will qualify for the job. You should also have an impeccable driving record.

On the side, however, of commuters, availing of rideshare services has its own concomitant disadvantages. First, you got to give up some of your independence if you are going to hire the service of rideshare companies. Second, even if the companies of Uber and Lyft have enhanced the selection and hiring process of their drivers, there is still that lingering and perennial problem with safety, especially, for women who usuallyavail of the service at night.

Lawsuits Involving Ride-sharing Companies
At present, there are legal tusslesraging on between taxi operators and these ride-sharing companies. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed against the operation of ride-sharing companies, for the taxi operators and drivers deem the emergence of these ride-sharing companies as a big threat to their business. Issues such as misrepresentation of safety, overcharges, and other points were also raised in these lawsuits against ride-sharing companies. Whatever may be the outcomes of these lawsuits, one thing is for sure—that the emergence of these ride-sharing companies has started a rethinking of the present way of commuting.

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Gift Card Phenomena

There are very few things that have caught on as big or as quickly as the gift card phenomena did. In the span of just under 20 years, gift cards went from nothing to becoming responsible for more than $100 billion of business in the United States alone. Although it is certainly the Unite states where the gift card became the most popular but even in Canada nearly $2 billion of business is carried out via gift cards and in the UK nearly $5 billion. Although American Express had tentatively explored the possibility of using gift cards prior to 1994, it was that year after Blockbuster introduced them that gift cards really started to become popular.

With any kind of business that is as big or has grown as rapidly as the gift card business has, there are bound to have been problems, which there were but, regardless of the problems, some big and some not so big, the popularity of the gift card has continued to bloom. Fraud is one of the problems which has been linked with gift cards and today, gift card fraud is estimated to amount to 13% of all fraud related crimes. In this instance, most of the crimes seen to be perpetrated by small time criminals rather than globally organized crime syndicates as, 67% of the fraud relating to gift cards are due to actions taken by the staff of the issuing store. One of the other problems though is money laundering and that, on the other hand, may be globally organized as money laundering through the use of gift cards is thought to amount to at least 5% of all money laundering carried out worldwide.

Another problem is that not everybody seems to use all the money available to use on the gift cards. One of the reasons for this was perhaps the cards would expire before they had had an opportunity to use them but, in more recent years governments have introduced laws that require gift cards to have an expiry date of at least 5 years after purchase or from the last time credit was added. Although this may mean more people can get the full value of their cards, some still do not use them for other reasons and so it is estimated that a total of $96 million are lost on gift cards annually. If you want to find out your visa vanilla details or the amount outstanding, available for use on any of your gift cards, there are now web sites that will inform you of your gift card balances.

Even though gift cards may be related to some crime figures and not all of them are always used to the fullest, as they are the number one desired gifts by women and the number three desired gift by all men in the US, they are certainly going to be around for many years yet and will probably continue to grow in popularity, especially now as online retailers have also started to offer them.

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The Benefit of Using a Small Cell Phone Service Provider

There are just 7% of people that use one of the many smaller cell phone service providers and yet they are the ones that are probably paying less and have the best service. As there are just 4 main service providers enjoying 93% of the market, they are able to manipulate and possibly abuse their customers and when I say abuse their customers, I refer to them giving them a far inferior customer service than they should. The 4 big service providers work in collaboration to ensure that between them, they maintain the lion’s share of business. They do this by all providing similar packages which have over inflated prices for what they are. As they work together, they have devised a system which allows all of them to gain the more often we switch provider and so why should they bother too much about keeping their customers happy, as long as you are switching to one of the 4, they all win and profit.

It is this collaboration of the big 4 which other smaller service providers have to compete against and that is what in many cases, keeps them small. However, as they are competing honestly, they need to provide a good customer relationship, affording their customers a meaningful customer service that genuinely does help them. Also what these smaller service providers have going for them is that they charge far lower prices. One of these smaller providers is Ting and the new ting reviews show that their prices are far lower than any of the big 4s and you do not even need to sign with them for any specific time period, you are free to change your provider at any time and will not receive a monetary penalty for doing so. Ting has monthly plans starting from just $17 and for that you get coverage which is as good as any of the big 4s. With these small service providers, it is usual that you get billed for each call that you make during the month but, the actual cost of these calls is so low, you will not be able to believe how the big 4 get away with charging so much. Of course though, if asked, any of the big 4 will tell you that they have to recoup the discount that they gave you on the phone but, as you do not get a discounted price for your phone with one of the smaller providers, you will see that it does not take anywhere near the length of an average contract, to make back the cost of your phone.

If people were able to ignore the huge amount of adverts that are placed by the big 4 companies, they would be able to let themselves buy their own phone and join one of the small service providers and once they did, although they would be free to change back at any time they wished, few would do so and the percentages would be the only things changing.

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Jacvapour deals

Electronic cigarettes. Is it safer? Ready or not, the era of e-cigarettes is here. For smokers who to quit on the habit, now is the time to be informed of these products. How does e-cigarette work? E-cigarette looks like the real traditional cigarettes. The end of the e-cigarette also glows when you inhale. When you exhale, you puff out a cloud of what looks like smoke. It is actually vapour. Inside an e-cigarette is a heating element, a cartridge that holds the nicotine and other liquids and flavourings. Some e-cigarettes are rechargeable and have rechargeable batteries and refillable cartridges while other are disposable.

Using an e-cigarette is called vaping. According to study researches on e-cigarettes, current evidence shows that there is potential for smokers to reduce their health risks if electronic cigarettes are used in place of tobacco cigarettes. It is also considered a step towards ending all tobacco and nicotine use. These studies conclude the benefits of e-cigarettes as a no-smoking and outweigh the potential harm. No evidence has shown that the vapour produced by e-cigarettes is harmful to users or bystanders in contrast to cigarette smoke.

Using e-cigarettes is the start of a healthy decision. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any carbon monoxide or tar like the ones found in tobacco cigarettes. Normal tobacco cigarettes have four thousand harmful poisons that are not found in electronic cigarettes. If this is your only reason to try the cigarette, it is a great one.

Electronic cigarettes detoxify your body. Many e-cigarette users feel better because their body is not getting the toxins, tar, and other poisons traditional cigarettes contains. Your body will notice immediately the relief of cutting out all these added poisons. Free from second smoke, you won’t need to worry about second hand smoke that bothers the non-smokers around you. The e-cigarette does not give any second hand smoke. Second hand smoke has reported to be worse than smoking. The vapour released only looks like smoke and disappears in a few seconds.

For a cleaner and safer environment, there will be no more smoke in your hands, clothes, breathe, and fingers. You can use it in your car without the smoky odor. There will be no more complaints from non-smokers regarding the smoke.

No burns, no flames. Electronic cigarettes do not have an extremely hot end; therefore, the possibility of burns is very minimal. There will be no more holes in your clothes, furniture, sofas, or the interior of the car. Since electronic cigarettes do not light up and do not heat, it is nearly impossible for you to burn a hole in anything. Just put back your electronic cigarette in your pocket or bag when you are done. Also, there is no need for ashtrays, since electronic cigarettes do not produce any ashes or butts. You don’t even need a lighter. You will no longer need to search for a lighter or match – one less thing to carry around in your pocket.

So if you are making a decision now to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Check out JAC VAPOUR and Jacvapour deals being offered. It is the leading United Kingdom electronic cigarette brand.

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A Guide to Saving Money on New Shoes

Sneakers for the gym, dress shoes for work, boots for the winter, sandals for the summer- there is footwear appropriate for every season and occasion. Unfortunately, shoes nowadays can cost you quite a bit of cash. Here are some tips to save money the next time you go shopping for shoes.

Invest in High Quality Shoes 

The first tip is going to seem counterintuitive: if you want to save money on shoes, you’re going to need to spend a little more money on shoes. When you go shoe shopping, make sure to buy high-quality footwear. High quality shoes last longer and will save you money in the long run as you will not need to buy as may pairs over time.

Use the Internet

Make sure to comparison shop online. Many people are still hesitant to buy shoes online as they want to try shoes on before buying them. But some of the best deals on shoes can be found on sites like and even Amazon. To assuage your fears about buying the wrong size, most shoe sites have great return policies, making it easier to find just the right pair.

Wait for the Big Annual Sale 

Shoe stores tend to be fairly aggressive when it comes to sales. Most shoe stores have an annual clearance sale where they try to move old inventory. Wait for these types of sales to stock up on footwear. Try to think about buying shoes for the whole year. If say, it’s the summer time, buy winter shoes as well. When it comes to your finances, you need to save money wherever you can. Footwear is a place where you can easily save some money if you act in a savvy way. By utilizing the tactics listed here, you can put a little extra money away and save it for, well… more shoes.



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